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Adolphe Bridge


Emblematic feature of the City of Luxembourg and the favourite view on postcards, the Pont Adolphe or Adolphe Bridge has spanned the Petrusse valley since 1903.



  Pont Adolphe - Photo of 31.01.2017


Providing the link between the Upper City and the Bourbon plateau, its prime purpose was to secure communication and mobility between these two quarters of the capital city. With four lanes, one to the Upper City reserved for public transport, and three reserved for individual traffic going towards the Central Station, the bridge has a 1.80 metre wide pavement on each side, separated from the road by a traffic barrier.


Inspections have shown that the Pont Adolphe is in a state of advanced decay. Faced with this finding and the increasing use of the bridge, far-reaching rehabilitation measures are necessary before restrictions on service and, ultimately, putting the bridge out of service become necessary.

The rehabilitation of the Pont Adolphe, which is necessary and urgent, necessitates the complete demolition of the deck and the pediments. At the beginning of 2012, a draft law was finalised and submitted to the Chamber of Deputies.

On 19 December 2012, the draft law was voted: 63 million euros were made available in order to enable the Pont Adolphe to get back all its former glory. In accordance with the wishes of UNESCO, the rehabilitation techniques used are designed to preserve in the best way possible the architecture of Séjourné. The project provides for taking down the present deck and then constructing a new one. It will be wider (2 x 0.75 m each side) and thicker and will also constitute a watertight cover for the underlying masonry which for a long time suffered from the abundant run off of infiltrations of water and brine. One of the main objectives of the project for the rehabilitation of the Pont Adolphe is to permanently strengthen the main arches against delamination.

The traffic will have to be diverted from the bridge to a provisional bridge while the strengthening works are going on. The second bridge, located only 30 metres from the Pont Adolphe, will provisionally link avenue Marie-Thérèse on the city side with boulevard de la Pétrusse on the station side.

Present state of affairs

The Pont Adolphe to be "healed"

In order to guarantee maximum protection of the public, in particular of the residents of the area until the works end in 2017, an acoustic wrap (anti-noise and anti-dust) has to be installed and will therefore envelop the Pont Adolphe. It is made up of 30 metre wide strips of white PVC foam joined together by Velcro fastenings. The whole of the “bandage” will be fixed to a scaffolding boasting a volume of 150 000 m3 and a surface of 10 000 m2.




Several projects for decorating the bare wrap were considered; what was finally selected was a project that was both educational and playful on which the reference to the MDDI site guérirlepontadolphe.lu and healtheadolphebridge.lu invites the public at large, residents and foreigners alike, to ask themselves why the bridge is "sick", what its symptoms are, what the "treatment" is and what the "healing phases" are in order for it to become again a sound edifice. The visuals will give one the impression that the bridge is completely enveloped in a giant bandage.  This medium carries a visual symbol of the medical world, a strong symbol known to everyone.

New connection for soft mobility between the city centre and the train station area

On the 2nd April 2015, Minister François Bausch presented the new connection for soft mobility between the city centre and the train station area, which will be integrated into the Adolphe Bridge. The rehabilitation of the bridge revealed the need to connect the upper city with the train station area by two paths, one through the viaduct and the other through the Adolphe Bridge.




The new deck of the Adolphe Bridge, which has been expanded for the integration of two new tracks for the tram and two lanes for cars/buses with sidewalks on both sides, cannot accommodate a cycle track. The proposed solution is to insert a new gateway between the two arcs below the rebuilt deck of the Adolphe Bridge.

On the side of the upper-city, the bike lane will start at avenue Marie-Thérèse and end boulevard de la Pétrusse.

The gateway, which will be barely visible from the outside, will bring a contemporary freshness in symbiosis with the strength of the arcs of the Adolphe Bridge.

This new suspension bridge will be an added attraction to stroll and discover new perspectives of the Pétrusse Valley.

The attractive accesses and their brightness will attract cyclists and walkers to choose this comfortable alternative to move from the upper-city to Plateau Bourbon.

The fluid forms and good visibility in all directions will secure the access locations. Works of art inside the gallery will ennoble the crossing of the gateway.

The works necessary to achieve this gateway will be executed advantageously in parallel with the Adolphe Bridge rehabilitation works without increasing the deadline or the budget for the rehabilitation of the bridge.

The rehabilitation works continue in a normal pace and will be completed as planned in 2017.

The exhibition

In order to know about the whole of its history, the advancement of the building site and the construction of the provisional bridge which will replace it while the works are going on, visit the exhibition “Nei Bréck” dedicated to the Pont Adolphe.

Punctuated by informative panels (in French and German), illustrated by photos, videos and models, this exhibition will enable you to know the smallest details of this historic bridge and its rehabilitation.


Pavillon d'exposition



30, bd Franklin D. Roosevelt
on the balcony of the Pétrusse
facing the casino in Luxembourg-City

Opening hours:

Tuesdays: 12h00 – 18h00
Wednesdays: 08h00 – 14h00
Thursdays: 12h00 – 18h00
Fridays: 12h00 – 18h00
Saturdays: 12h00 – 18h00



Next stages

From 1903 to the present day, the width of the Pont Adolphe increased from 16 m to 17.20 m in order to adapt it to the traffic conditions.  Future traffic conditions, the widening of the pavements and taking into account the profile necessary for the future tram will lead to a further widening of the bridge by 1.50 m.  As a result, the total width of the bridge will be increased to 18.70 m.


Timeline des travaux

Studies and plans



Audio and video


video - histoire pont adolphe


video - passerelle pont adolphe


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View on the provisional bridge - "Pont bleu"